Checking Protection Options

Checking Protection Options

Overdraft Transfer Source

Upon initiating a new Checking Account, a member has the option to create an overdraft source using one of the subsequent accounts: regular savings, other savings, Money Market, or a VISA credit card account. Once configured, funds will be automatically moved from the designated account or VISA card to the member's Checking Account in cases where there are insufficient funds to cover a check or a Check Card purchase. For more details on overdraft protection choices, please contact us.  

A service fee is associated with this feature. Please refer to our current schedule of fees for applicable charges.

Protecting your accounts from unauthorized use & fraud

In today's landscape, safeguarding your accounts against identity theft and financial fraud is of utmost importance. To enhance the security of your savings and alleviate concerns, HealthCare Associates has introduced a range of services designed to promptly notify you whenever there is any signature activity on your credit or debit cards.

Checking Protection Benefits

There's never a convenient time to lose control of your card. We are taking your VISA Card Alerts to the next level with MyCardRules, giving you control over how, where, and when your card is used.

Stay in control of your card with these great features:

  • Control when your card is used by turning it On or Off as needed.
  • While the card is turned Off, all transactions and ATM balance inquiries are denied.
  • Recurring payments, credits, and deposits will continue while your card is set to Off.
  • Set notifications for any activity on your HACU Visa credit card and non-pin based debit card transactions.
  • Set purchasing limits to include locations or restrict, merchants, and spending amounts.
  • If you receive a notification or suspect fraudulent activity, lock your card by turning your card Off. It can be unlocked and turned On to complete any necessary purchases, protecting yourself from additional fraudulent activity. Turn your card back Off after completing your purchase, and report the suspicious or fraudulent activity to HealthCare Associates Credit Union.

Get Started Today 

  • Search for the free MyCardRules app in your mobile app store and follow the instructions to install.
  • Open the app and select New User to register.
  • On the Card Verification screen, enter your card number and tap Next in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the authentication information and accept Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
  • Select Control Preferences to edit notification settings.
  • Begin managing your card by freezing it or unfreezing it when you see fit.


Don't just see activity after it's happened. Take control of your card with MyCardRules and HealthCare Associates Credit Union. MyCardRules is just one more way we help our members Bank Healthy!TM



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