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Checking Protection Options

Checking Protection Options

Overdraft Transfer Source

When opening a new Checking Account, a member may establish an overdraft source from one of the following accounts: regular savings, other savings, Money Market or VISA credit card account. Once set-up, funds will automatically be transferred from the designated account or VISA to the member’s Checking Account when there are non-sufficient funds to cover a check or Check Card purchase.

There is a fee for this service, please refer to our current schedule of fees for applicable charges.

Protecting your accounts from unauthorized use & fraud

These days it is very important to protect your accounts from identify theft and financial fraud. To help guard your savings and reduce stress HealthCare Associates established a Text Alert and Short Message Service (SMS) network to alert you immediately whenever there is signature activity on your credit or debit cards.

Checking Protection Benefits

This FREE service – smsGuardian – sends an alert to your text enabled device via one of up to 10 different SMS networks whenever there is activity on any of your HealthCare Associates cards.

  • If the activity is legitimate there is nothing you need to do.
  • If notified of an unauthorized transaction, you are prompted to “reply” with a code that immediately blocks all activity on the card in question.

Upon enrollment in smsGuardian you enable the service for one year and, prior to expiration, can renew via text message and keep this extra layer of security in place for another 12 months. There is *no charge to register your HACU credit and debit cards for this service, and you may cancel anytime by replying to an alert with the message, “STOP.”



*Standard text messaging rates may apply.
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