Telephone Teller

Telephone Teller

It's fast and easy to use our automated Personal Account Manager (PAM)

Whenever it's convenient for you, from wherever you are. It's free, easy, and secure. There's no waiting in line with our automated response system, and it is available anytime - nights, weekends, and even holidays. You can get immediate access to a variety of HealthCare Associates account related information right over the phone, including:

  • Checking and savings account balance information
  • Recent account activity - such as deposits and withdrawals
  • Ability to transfer funds between eligible HealthCare Associates Credit Union accounts
  • Loan account information - such as balance, last payment, next payment due
  • Ability to initiate stop payments
  • And much more

You can use Telephone Teller anytime day or night to make balance inquiries, transfers, withdrawals, loan payments, check account histories and more.

What is the number for Telephone Teller?

The number is 630.276.5726 or 800.213.6445 (outside Chicagoland). Save this number on your mobile phone for easy access or print a Telephone Teller Wallet Guide for future reference.

What is my account number?

Your account number is the unique number assigned to you when you joined HealthCare Associate; it appears at the top of your statement and on your Member ID Card. You do not need to enter multiple zeros appearing before your account number on your statement. For example, 0000012345 can be entered simply as 12345.

How do I activate Telephone Teller?

The first time you call Telephone Teller, you will be prompted to enter your Account Number and create an Access Code. You will then be prompted to enter four zeros (0000). Please note when creating your access code, it cannot be the last 4 digits of your account number or your Social Security Number.

Is my Telephone Teller Access Code the same as my ATM card PIN number?

Your Telephone Teller Access Code is a unique four digit number you selected the first time you used Telephone Teller. If you wish, you can set your Telephone Teller Access Code to be the same as your ATM card PIN number.  If you would like to customize your PIN number, you can do so here.  

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