Meet Some Of Our Superhero Lending Geniuses

Avatars-Jean Avatars-Linda Avatars-Jeanne

Super Saver Jean Gained her abilities helping people for over 33 years. Has the ability to transform finances in amazing ways, but be careful because the transformation can easily happen any time you call 630.276.5792! Super Saver Jean also walks her rescue dogs and roller blades when not saving the world from financial pitfalls.

Financial Guru Linda Super powers – 32 years as a  financial GURU - Her powers mean you can rely on her kinetic energy, to help you explode with power to reach your goals! Also known by her fellow heroes as the rescuer of a shelter dog named Glitter. Adores the color purple. You can contact Linda directly at 


Magical Jeanne Super power – 15+ years of financial magic & putting 5 kids through college at supersonic speeds. Loves to talk with members about where they want to be and how to get there! Sails and bikes in her free time while not battling the evils of debt. You can reach Jeanne directly at her desk by calling 630.276.5812.