Member Value Statement

Congratulations on banking Healthy!

We don't just say we're the Healthy Way To Bank, we live it.  Our members know it and our Member Savings Report is here to prove it.  

At HealthCare Associates Credit Union (HACU), we focus on our members’ financial health – not on our bottom line. There is value in membership and we're here to show you the breakdown!  

You've got over $8 Million reasons why you should be a member of HACU - $8,526,637 to be more precise!  That's how much we've saved our members just last year. We will never stop being thankful for our members and we wanted to make sure we could clearly communicate to our members the real savings of Banking Healthy with HACU.  

Average Savings by Account Type

On average, HACU members saved $256 each last year just by having their accounts with us versus a leading bank. If your membership savings amount was more than that, congratulations! You're likely making good use of your HACU membership. But are you making the most of it? If you saved less than $256, you may not be taking full advantage of all that your membership can offer.

The more you have with us, the more you save.

Our market research demonstrates that the easiest way to save more is to do more with us. We know that the deeper our financial relationship is with you, the more you save. Members with one HACU account only saved an average of $70 annually whereas members with six accounts saved an average of almost $1000.


We reward your loyalty.

At HACU, we reward your loyalty by giving you even more financial value! A member loyalty discount is added to additional auto loans* with our members. Plus, the graph above clearly shows that the more products used by members, the higher the return they'll receive. 

Are you saving the most out of your HACU Membership? 

Below are the average annual savings for each of our products.  Click below to apply and maximize your savings this year! 







MVS Disclosures 

SUMMARY: Your savings amount is an estimate and is for illustrative purposes only.  This estimate illustrates projected savings for an entire year, regardless of when your account was opened.

CALCULATIONS: Financial institutions with comparable rate tiers and pricing structures were used to determine an average rate within each product type. Individual savings were then estimated by determining the difference between current HealthCare Associates Credit Union rates and the average rates, and then applying this differential to your HealthCare Associates Credit Union rates. In some
rare cases, deposit and/or loan relationships were compared to the most similar product for which market rate information was available. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

The savings amount for all loan relationships, including credit cards, was determined based on balances as of 12/31/2021. If your balance is not carried over month to month, your savings amount would be less.

FEES: Fees were also taken into consideration when calculating the benefit associated with certain account relationships, using the average fees charged by competitors for that particular account, compared with the fees charged at HealthCare Associates
Credit Union.

DATA: The rate and fee information was obtained from Curinos, New York, NY, on 12/22/2021. Although the information provided by Curinos has been obtained from the financial institutions themselves, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

For more details, please contact HealthCare Associates Credit Union at 800.942.0158.
*Member loyalty discount is automatically added to the new additional auto loan when it is opened.  Members qualify for this additional savings when they have a current auto loan with HACU or if their HACU auto loan has been paid off within one year of the new loan. 

The Calculations: 

Rate benefit banner image

Rate Benefit

The rate benefit is the difference between your personal account rate and the average bank account rate for your assigned market area. 

Account Balance

The definition varies by account type as follows:

  • For deposits, we used your account balances as of 12/31/21
    (Rate Benefit x Account Balance) + Fees
  • For open-end loans, we used your account balance as of 12/31/21. 
    (Rate benefit x Account Balance) + Fees
  • For term loans, we used your original balance
    (12-month cumulative interest savings based on rate benefits, original balance and term of loan)

Fee Benefit & Calculation 

The Fee benefit represents the difference between the average bank account maintenance and/or application fee for a comparable account. 

What fees are included in the Fee Benefit calculation?
The only fees included in the calculation are recurring account maintenance fees. We did not include penalty or "occasional" fees such as overdraft fees, stop payment fees, foreign item fees, etc.  HACU has very few account maintenance fees so your membership really helps you save big when it comes to any fees.

Individual Account Savings

All members who saved a minimum of $170 or more, received a personalized brochure with their own Member Value Statement explaining your Annual Savings Report.

What does my estimated, annualized savings amount reflect?
The amount listed on your personalized savings report represents the sum of all of your individual account savings amounts. It reflects the difference between what you paid or earned in interest, fees or rebates at HACU, and what you may have paid or earned on average for comparable accounts at leading banks in your assigned market area. The amounts listed are for illustrative purposes only and do NOT constitute a cash payout, dividend, or bonus.

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