My247 Pre-Registration

As a pre-registered user, your information has already been transferred from Internet Branch to the new My247 Digital Banking. We have also already created your temporary password to help streamline your registration process.

Let's get started:  

1. First time Username - Use your current account number as your Username to log in for the first time.  You will be prompted to change it once you log in.  

2. First time Password - You already have a temporary password to use when you log in for the first time.  If you misplaced or don't have your Launch Key handy just follow the example below. 

Your temporary password will start with the last 3 digits of your Account Number, followed by the first 5 digits of your Social Security Number (TIN), followed by your 2 digit Birth Month. 

For Example:

  • Your Account Number is 987654
  • Social Security Number: 123-45-6789
  • Birthdate: 01/15/1975
  • Example Password: 6541234501


Use your current account number as your Username and your Launch Key for your temporary password.  Once you have completed your My247 registration you will use your new Username and Password going forward. 

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Routing Number: 271992183

Helpful Tip

If you need help or have questions regarding your login credentials, please contact us at (800) 942-0158 or (630) 276-5555.