My247 FAQs

  1. How will I log in to My247 for the first time?

To make the registration process easier for our members that use Internet Branch often we have pre-registered those users.  If you have:

  • Logged in to Internet Branch in 2017
  • Have active Scheduled Transfers 
  • OR are enrolled in Bill Pay 

your account has been pre-registered and you will use the temporary password we sent you for your first time logging in.  Once logged in you will be prompted to change your Username and your Password.  

If you have not been active on Internet Branch in 2017, do not have active scheduled transfers and are not enrolled in Bill Pay  you will need to register as a new user.  

If you are a joint user you will continue to share the same login credentials as the primary user.

2.  What new features come with My247 Digital banking?

  • A clean new look with the ability to customize to your preferences.
  • Access your accounts through a new dashboard.
  • Set up, view and control your transfers with ease.
  • A Savings Goals widget to help you make your financial goals.
  • And so much more!
  1. I am a joint account holder and currently share login credentials - What changes for me?

Nothing.  You continue to bank as you do today - you only need to wait until the primary account holder has completed the registration for your new login credentials.  After that, just enjoy the new and improved platform. 

  1. You've talked a lot about new "Widgets" that will be available in My247 - What are "Widgets?"

Widgets are icons identifying a specific function within My247.  For example, some of the default Widgets on the left side of your dashboard are Accounts, Transfers, and Bill Pay.  You will also have Savings Goals and the ability to Apply for a Loan.  

You will be able to customize the order in which you would like to see the Widgets and set them as favorites.  (See how to set my Widgets as Favorites FAQ)

  1. How do I set my Widgets as Favorites?

Desktop: On your My247 dashboard, hover over the More icon and click on Widget Options. 

The first icons (or ‘Widgets’) that you see listed are your Favorites. They will have a yellow star next to them. These are the Widgets that appear in the left navigation of your dashboard.

You can have a maximum of 5 Favorites that appear in your left navigation.  If you already have 5 favorites selected and you'd like a new one, you must first deselect one of your current Favorites. To do this, click on the yellow star next to the Widget you'd like to deselect.  

Your updated Favorites will then appear in your left navigation.  All other Widgets are still accessible by clicking the More icon below your Favorites.  

To change the order of your selected Favorites, click the teal Reorder Favorites button located near the upper right corner of the page.  You can then drag and drop within your Favorites to place them in the order you prefer. 

Mobile: Click on your Settings in your mobile menu.  

Click Widgets.  You will see your current Favorites are starred yellow.  In mobile it allows you to Favorite more Widgets for easy, on the go access!  To Favorite a Widget just click on the gray star, it will change to a yellow star which indicates it has been successfully marked as a Favorite.  If you want to deselect one of your current Favorites click on the yellow star next to the Widget you'd like to deselect.  

Click and drag the Widgets to reorder your Favorites. 

  1. Can I add external accounts to My247?

Yes! This feature allows you to transfer money between your HACU accounts and your External accounts at other financial institutions.  Transfers from External Accounts may take up to 4 business days to process.  

To add External Accounts click on the Transfers Widget from your dashboard.  Click the Add Account button.  

Next, choose the account type and populate the routing number and account number to your External Account.  You will be able to Nickname this account. 

You will receive trial deposits in your External Account which you will need to confirm in My247.  When the account is successfully verified, the account appears in My247.  They will be listed in Settings on the Accounts tab under the section labeled ACH Accounts. 

  1. What will be different in the mobile app?

We have a new mobile app for My247 that you will need to download.  If you currently use our mobile application you will need to uninstall the old mobile app before you can download the new My247 mobile app.  Once you have deleted the old Internet Branch app you may proceed in downloading the new My247 HACU app and complete the install.  Download the new apps here.  

The new My247 HACU mobile app will have the following enhancements:

  • Dashboard for easy account overview
  • Ability to customize your Widget order
  • Block or unblock your cards using Card Controls
  • Easy ways to make payments and transfer money
  • Activate Balance Peek and view your account balances without even logging in
  • And so much more!

8.  Can I send HACU secure messages about my account on My247?

Yes. Use the “Messaging” widget and click “compose”.

10. What Alerts and Notifications are available on My247?

My247 has many different alerts and notifications that you can customize. If you want to see transaction based alerts such as checks clearing or when a deposit is made, or if you want to know when someone logs into your account, you can set an alert. Alerts can be sent to you via text, email or through push notification on your mobile device. You can customize how you prefer to be alerted through Settings. To set your Alert preferences simply visit My247 on either a desktop or mobile web browser. 


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