Let HACU pay your Refinance Closing Costs!  

The average closing costs in the state of Illinois for a refinance are under $2,000.00. If your homes loan to value is 85% or less this is the promotion for you!  Wouldn't it be nice to use that money for something else?  



Note: Loan origination fees in the state average $1,080, with other common third-party fees running to $767. Source - Investopedia

*At closing, the borrower(s) will receive a lender credit on their settlement statement for $2,000 to cover Underwriting Fees, Document Prep Fees, Appraisal, Credit Report, Flood Certification, Tax Services, Title and Recording Fees. Closing costs do not include interim interest and prepaid items such as Insurance, Escrow, Property Taxes and PMI. If the borrower(s) does not close the loan, the borrower(s) will not be refunded up-front fees. First Mortgage Loans must be for $125,000-$424,000 in order to qualify for the promotion. This promotion is not available on loans currently financed through HACU, and does not include VA or FHA loans. Loan approval is subject to credit approval and program guidelines. Available on single family, owner occupied residences only. 85% Loan-to-Value or lower. Terms and conditions may apply. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate example is based on home value of $400,000, with a loan amount of $300,000 and a credit score of 740. Estimated monthly payments on a 30 Year (360 month) Fixed Rate loan at 4.125% APR* = $1,453.95 per month. Estimated monthly payments on a 20 Year (240 month) Fixed Rate loan at 3.875% APR* = $1,798.24 per month. Estimated monthly payments on a 15 Year (180 month) Fixed Rate loan at 3.375% APR* = $2,126.28 per month. Payment includes principal and interest only, your payment will be higher. Interest Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates as of 05/05/2017. Promotion is for a limited time only.