Do you have a Wells Fargo Account?


Do you have a Wells Fargo Account?  BALANCE offers free assistance to members affected by recent unauthorized Wells Fargo account activity.  Members can meet one-on-one with a BALANCE counselor to review and resolve Wells Fargo account issues.  

As you may have heard, Wells Fargo has been fined $185 million for illegally opening accounts for existing customers. More than two million accounts were opened without customer permission. The financial ramification to consumers is still under investigation, and many people understandably have questions about their accounts, credit report and financial impact.

BALANCE chosen to assist consumers

BALANCE was recently chosen by the City Treasurer of San Francisco to assist its residents with determining if their accounts have been affected by Wells Fargo's practices. BALANCE President and CEO, Kathryn Davis, spoke at a press conference with the City Treasurer to outline steps that BALANCE is taking to help consumers identify potential issues, and take the necessary steps to correct them.

It appears that in many instances, Wells Fargo customers do not realize their accounts have been compromised, or may be experiencing other credit issues related to the incident, such as paying a higher interest rate on a loan due to a damaged credit score.

Here to help members

BALANCE counselors can help you sort through these potential scenarios. If you have a Wells Fargo account, it is advised that you review your bank statements as well as your credit report. BALANCE’s certified counselors can work one-on-one with our HACU members to review their credit reports and determine if they were affected, and if so, recommend a course of action to repair their credit.

To set up a free one-one-one meeting with a BALANCE counselor, call (800) 777-7526 and let them know you are a member of HACU.  

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